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Read Our Frequency Asked Questions wants to be here to answer your questions! Please read our frequently asked questions for answers. And if you still have questions, we would be thrilled to answer them. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and one of our talented team members will do their best to set your mind at ease.


Our current examples are housed on Instagram and Facebook. We are working toward a gallery on our website, but that’s not currently available. We do not normally dig through the annals of design history for examples unless we absolutely need to. It’s very time-consuming, especially when you deal with thousands of custom decals a year.

If you follow our social media or are part of our emailing list, you will be up-to-date on any and all discounts and promotions that we have available. That said, we do offer levels of sponsorship for riders, influencers, YouTubers, teams, and more.

Yes, we do, but it’s not cheap. We will need your frame, fully disassembled and cleaned very well for at least two weeks, plus shipping time to and from our facility. Materials costs vary greatly, and the physical act of wrapping runs between $400 to $1500 depending on the complexity of the frame and job.

Yes. We do both commercial and color change wraps. You need to be either willing to travel to or close to, San Jose, California in order for this to happen. If you’re really set on us wrapping a vehicle for you, flight and hotel accommodations or travel reimbursement can be made in order to facilitate your wrap needs.

We are a small team, and we do our best to respond to emails in a timely manner. However, we do sometimes get behind. Please read our FAQs before shooting off an email. If your answer isn’t there, please use our contact form.

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Decals range in price, and our base prices are listed in the shop. Fees are added based on additional manufacturing processes involved.

Installing your custom or replacement decals is easier than you think. Start by lining up your decal with our provided spacer decals. Lightly tack it in place until you are sure you’re happy with the placement. Our decals will stick down many times as long as the surface you’re placing them onto is clean. Don’t be afraid to start over. Once you’re happy with the placement, burnish (rub) the decal and use a bit of heat or leave it in the sun to help activate the adhesive.

If you used our Online Custom Color Tool, there is no need. The colors provided will be printed to the best of our machine’s capabilities. We run many tests throughout the year to assure our color is as accurate as possible. We work directly with many brands that provide color swatches, paint samples, anodization, and powder coats. We do our due diligence in matching the colors to the very best of ours and our machine’s abilities. We have over 20 years of color matching experience between’s in-house design team. If you’ve chosen to use our Custom Design Service, we have two formal rounds of approval and edits, which receive proof. Your third round is final approval and should not need any further revision. If further modification is necessary, additional change order fees will be added. If you are working with us to achieve an OEM decal for your brand or shop, proofs are included in the order, depending on the quantity. If the quantity ordered is not enough, we may require a design and physical proof cost.

And as always, If you are simply not happy with your decal, reach out!

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We do! We come from a background of color matching and revel in it. We have an extensive pre-matched library replete with names and years amongst the brands. (Again, provided matches and samples from the companies are tested before adding them to the system.) We also have an extensive Pantone library you can select from too. Don’t see the exact color you’re looking for? There is an area below the color swatches you can add in some notes about what it is you are looking for.

You can also include the year, make, and model of bike you’re looking to match in the notes. That can help us out as well. If you are unsure of your colors, you will need to select and purchase a custom solution. From there, we can help create your ideal decals.

Some colors are not achievable through traditional printing methods but can be achieved through pre-colored vinyl. Examples of this include certain neons, metallics, chromes, color-changing, metallic fleck, etc. This is an extra cost on top of the custom solution we provide, and we will do our best to alert you to the need to seek outside materials before we get too far down the custom design road.

We have Matte, Gloss and Satin finishes available at no extra charge. Mixed Finishes are available for a nominal fee.

We love a good challenge. Frame wraps, protective film infused with graphics, custom illustration, logo design…These types of projects are time and money-intensive but are available. They are priced based on individual need/material type/production time/material use, etc.

Our site is usually up-to-date. If you don’t see it, we most likely do not have a copy. But wait, there’s hope! Fill out our decal request form.

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Our online tool allows simple one- and two-color customizations or the use of a pattern in the background. We choose to keep it simple for the possibilities that exist permutation-wise. The endless possibilities make it almost impossible to create a tool simple enough to use in an efficient manner without an extensive training video. If you need something beyond our simple color or pattern customizer tool, please purchase a Custom Decal.

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We offer both credit card processing and PayPal. All credit cards are processed through secure 3rd party Shopify POS. PayPal is also its own entity and we subsequently house no sensitive data.

During checkout, you will be offered several choices of shipment. Your order will be shipped via your choice of courier along with the expected amount of time chosen. This is not always the case, and has no control over shipping once it leaves our possession. You will receive an email with your shipping confirmation.

All shipments are trackable via their respective courier of choice. 

If your package becomes lost, requires that the courier deem it lost before processing a new one replacing the lost decals. Unfortunately, too many people abuse this system and say they lost their decals, only to find out that they had in fact, been delivered. Everyone suffers at the hands of dishonest people. But rest assured, once your package is deemed lost via the courier, we will replace it ASAP! There are some caveats to this policy. For instance, if the material was purchased to print said decals as specialty, the cost of the material will be split with the customer to reorder the material for replacing the lost shipment.

Yes. Our website has currency conversion. Your IP address will allow the system to make an educated guess as to which currency your location uses. If you are logged in, our system knows your address and will use that information to determine your currency. We do not have a manual override for any currency, and we MUST charge based on the currency of your billing address matching your card. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Upon purchase, your credit card will be charged in the currency shown at the rate shown. If this is the same currency as your card, no exchange or fees will occur.

All products are custom. As soon as youfinalize checkout, your decal enters our production process. We can usually make changes, but it is important to get in contact with us ASAP. If you made a mistake, reply to the order confirmation email adding URGENT to the subject line, or complete a contact form along with your change instructions, and we will do our best to include your request.

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Since every product we make is unique to its owner, it is very hard to resell. If you simply aren’t happy with the results, we can work with you to make it right.

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